08-12-2023Completion of AcquisitionDownload
08-12-2023Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
08-12-2023Disclosure DocumentDownload
06-12-2023Pilot Well Program Update – November 2023Download
30-11-2023Results of MeetingDownload
17-11-2023Noosa Mining Conference PresentationDownload
31-10-2023Quarterly Report / Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload
30-10-2023Notice of General Meeting / Proxy FormDownload
13-10-2023Release of Shares from EscrowDownload
11-10-2023TMK Consolidates 100% Ownership of Gurvantes XXXVDownload
11-10-2023Proposed issue of securities – TMKDownload
09-10-2023Operations Update – Gurvantes XXXVDownload
09-09-2023Investor Presentation – Good Oil ConferenceDownload
01-09-2023Operations Update – Gurvantes XXXVDownload
28-08-20232023 Exploration Activities CommencedDownload
09-08-2023Continuous Gas Flows AchievedDownload
09-08-2023Gas Flowing from all Three Pilot Wells at Gurvantes XXXVDownload
04-08-2023Award of Equity IncentivesDownload
04-08-2023Notification regarding unquoted securities – TMKDownload
02-08-2023Change of Director’s Interest NoticeDownload
31-07-2023Quarterly Activities / Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload
25-07-2023First Gas Flowed to Surface at GurvantesDownload
19-07-2023Gurvantes Update – Production Testing CommencesDownload
19-07-2023Production Testing CommencesDownload
13-07-2023Final Commissioning of Pilot Wells UnderwayDownload
04-07-2023Broker Briefing – Mining & Resources WebinarDownload
28-06-2023Maiden Pilot Well Program on ScheduleDownload
09-06-2023Change in Directors Interest x 4Download
08-06-2023Section 708A(5)(e) NoticeDownload
08-06-2023Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
08-06-2023Notification regarding unquoted securities – TMKDownload
31-05-2023AGM Presentation – 31 May 2023Download
31-05-2023New ConstitutionDownload
31-05-2023Results of MeetingDownload
30-05-2023Lucky Fox-3 Drilling CompletedDownload
29-05-2023Investor Webinar DetailsDownload
19-05-2023Lucky Fox-3 Commences DrillingDownload
16-05-2023Completion of Drilling at Lucky Fox-2Download
05-05-2023Lucky Fox-2 Drilling CommencesDownload
03-05-2023Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
03-05-2023Top 20 Option Holders and Distribution ScheduleDownload
03-05-2023Updated Appendix 5BDownload
02-05-2023Proposed issue of securities – TMKDownload
02-05-2023Change in substantial holdingDownload
02-05-2023Becoming a substantial holderDownload
01-05-2023Notice of Annual General Meeting / Proxy FormDownload
28-04-2023Quarterly Activities / Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload
28-04-2023Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
28-04-2023Section 708A(5)(e) NoticeDownload
28-04-2023Disclosure DocumentDownload
27-04-202360 Meters of Coal Intersected at Lucky Fox-1Download
20-04-2023$5.7M Placement to Accelerate Gurvantes XXXV ExplorationDownload
20-04-2023Proposed issue of securities – TMKDownload
18-04-2023Trading HaltDownload
12-04-2023Lucky Fox – 1 Commences DrillingDownload
03-04-2023Rig Mobilised for Pilot Well Program CommencementDownload
31-03-2023Notification of Annual General MeetingDownload
31-03-2023Appendix 4G – Corporate GovernanceDownload
31-03-2023Annual Report to ShareholdersDownload
31-03-2023Director Appointment / ResignationDownload
31-03-2023Final Director’s Interest NoticeDownload
30-03-2023Investor Webinar DetailsDownload
28-03-2023Investor PresentationDownload
20-03-2023Milestone Cooperation and Offtake AgreementDownload
07-03-2023Professor John Warburton Appointed to BoardDownload
06-03-2023Early Commercialisation OpportunitiesDownload
15-02-2023Drilling Rig Secured for Pilot Well ProgramDownload
31-01-2023Quarterly Activities / Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload
31-01-2023Release of Listed Shares from Voluntary EscrowDownload
22-12-2022Change in substantial holding – Brendan StatsDownload
22-12-2022Change in substantial holding – Ganzorig VanchigDownload
22-12-2022Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Stuart BakerDownload
22-12-2022Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Gema GerelsaikhanDownload
19-12-2022Change in substantial holdingDownload
19-12-2022Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
16-12-2022Application for quotation of securitiesDownload
16-12-2022Section 708A(5) NoticeDownload
06-12-2022Change in Financial Year EndDownload
01-12-2022TPD:Talon takes a 33% interest in the Gurvantes XXXV ProjectDownload
01-12-2022Funding Secured for Pilot Well ProgramDownload
25-11-2022Investor Presentation – 2022 Annual General MeetingDownload
25-11-2022Results in MeetingDownload
25-11-2022Change in substantial holdingDownload
25-11-2022Change in Director’s Interest NoticeDownload
25-11-2022Change in Director’s Interest NoticeDownload
24-11-2022Investor WebinarDownload
21-11-20222D Seismic Survey and Pilot Well Program UpdateDownload
21-11-2022Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
16-11-2022Proposed issue of securities – TMKDownload
16-11-2022Disclosure DocumentDownload
11-11-2022Notification of cessation of securities – TMKDownload
09-11-20221.2 TCF Contingent Gas Resource (2C) Independently CertifiedDownload
09-11-2022TPD: Maiden Contingent CSG Resource Est’ – Gurvantes XXXVDownload
07-11-2022Trading HaltDownload
04-11-2022Release of Shares from Voluntary EscrowDownload
31-10-2022September 2022 Appendix 5B Cash FlowDownload
31-10-2022September 2022 Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
28-10-2022High Gas Saturation and Permeability ConfirmedDownload
19-10-2022Notice of Annual General Meeting / Proxy FormDownload
19-10-2022AGM Letter to ShareholdersDownload
11-10-2022Successful Drilling Program CompleteDownload
07-10-2022Corporate Governance Statement (updated)Download
07-10-2022Mongolia Mining Week 2022 Presentation (2022)Download
07-10-2022Response to ASX Price QueryDownload
05-10-2022Notification of Annual General MeetingDownload
03-10-2022Annual Report to ShareholdersDownload
03-10-2022Appendix 4GDownload
03-10-2022Corporate Governance StatementDownload
28-09-2022Initial Exploration Program CompletedDownload
20-09-2022Mongolian Mining Week 2022 PresentationDownload
15-09-2022Outstanding Coal Intersection in Lower Coal Seam at SL-03RDownload
07-09-2022Good Oil Conference PresentationDownload
01-09-2022Exploration Drilling Program ExpandedDownload
29-08-2022100% Exploration Success ContinuesDownload
24-08-2022Release of Listed Shares from EscrowDownload
24-08-2022Notification of cessation of securities – TMKDownload
22-08-2022Court Orders ConfirmedDownload
22-08-2022Reinstatement to Official QuotationDownload
18-08-2022Gurvantes CSG Operations and Drilling UpdateDownload
18-08-2022s708A(5)(e) Cleansing NoticeDownload
17-08-2022Suspension of Official QuotationDownload
15-08-2022Trading HaltDownload
11-08-2022PetroChina Aligns with TMK EnergyDownload
11-08-2022Gurvantes XXXV update – TMK Signs MOU with PetroChinaDownload
08-08-2022Pause in TradingDownload
08-08-2022Trading HaltDownload
29-07-2022Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportDownload
29-07-2022Quarterly Activities Report – 30 June 2022Download
14-07-2022Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
14-07-2022Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
14-07-2022Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
11-07-2022High Permeability Confirmed at Snow Leopard-3Download
28-06-2022100% Drilling Success Rate Continues in MongoliaDownload
17-06-2022Third High Impact Well Commences in MongoliaDownload
10-06-2022Becoming a substantial holderDownload
10-06-2022Change in substantial holderDownload
10-06-2022Change in Director’s Interest Notice – Stuart BakerDownload
10-06-2022Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Gema GerelsaikhanDownload
09-06-2022Application for quotation of securities – TMKDownload
08-06-202291 Metres of Gassy Coal on Snow Leopard – 02Download
02-06-2022High Permeability Confirmed Over Upper Coal Seam at Snow Leopard-2Download
30-05-2022Testing Successfully completed on Upper Coal Seam at Snow Leopard-2Download
23-05-202270 Metres of Gassy Coal At Shallow Depths at SL-02Download
16-05-2022Drilling Commences at Snow Leopard-2Download
10-05-2022Drilling and Testing Completed at Snow Leopard-1Download
02-05-2022Quarterly Activities Report – 31 March 2022Download
02-05-2022Quarterly Cash Flow Report – March 2022Download
29-04-2022Snow Leopard-1 Operation UpdateDownload
11-04-2022Response to ASX Price and Volume QueryDownload
11-04-2022Thick Gassy Coal Seam Intersected in MongoliaDownload
11-04-2022Reinstatement to Official QuotationDownload
07-04-2022Suspension from Official QuotationDownload
06-04-2022Pause in TradingDownload
06-04-2022Trading HaltDownload
04-04-2022Change of Registered Office and Company SecretaryDownload
16-03-2022Drilling Program Commences in MongoliaDownload
14-03-2022Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
11-03-2022Notification regarding unquoted securities – TMKDownload
09-03-2022Drilling Rig Mobilising to South GobiDownload
24-02-2022Drilling Contract AwardedDownload
23-02-2022Gurvantes XXXV CSG Project PresentationDownload
18-02-2022Director’s Interest NoticeDownload
18-02-2022Appendix 3G – Performance RightsDownload
16-02-2022Change in Substantial HoldingDownload
16-02-2022Change of Company NameDownload
15-02-2022Appendix 2ADownload
15-02-2022Completion of Telmen Energy Limited AcquisitionDownload
15-02-2022Appendix 3GDownload
15-02-2022Notice of Initial Substantial HolderDownload
11-02-2022General Meeting ResultsDownload
03-02-2022Telmen EIA ApprovalDownload
31-01-2022AGM ResultsDownload
31-01-2022December 2021 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow ReportDownload
12-01-2022Notice of General MeetingDownload
01-01-2022Historical Announcements –