The Gurvantes XXXV Project is an exploration project for Coal Seam Gas (‘CSG’) covering approximately 8,400 km2 of the South Gobi basin of Mongolia.

Within the Project area multiple very thick (>50m) high quality, bituminous rank, coal seams outcrop at the surface and extend along an east-west strike for approximately 150km. Within the Project area there are six active coal mining operation, twenty six coal mining leases and numerous coal exploration licenses which combined have defined a very large coal resource.

CSG test work has characterised the coal as containing high gas quantities ~10 m3/t with very high methane concentration >95% CH4. Telmen has completed a range of desktop and preliminary field studies to identify a Prospective Resource (2U) of 5.96 TCF (trillion cubic feet) for the Gurvantes XXXV South Gobi Project, estimated by highly regarded international petroleum consultants NSAI.

There are multiple market opportunities for the natural gas including;

  • Great desire for natural gas in Mongolia;
  • Multiple large mining operations with high energy requirements in the South Gobi area;
  • Large market in China for natural gas, Chinese border <20 km from tenement; and
  • <300km from existing gas pipeline network in northern China.

TMK are committed to responsibly developing this Project into a world class producing gas field on behalf of and for the benefit of Mongolia.


  • Production Sharing Agreement (“PSA”) awarded in July 2021 for Gurvantes XXXV Project
  • Exploration License awarded in September 2021
  • Project covers an area of 8,400 km2


  • World class coal basin
  • Large coal resource
  • Multiple thick, high quality bituminous, coal seams at depths suitable for CSG generation.
  • Prospective Resource Risked 2U (best case) of 5.96 TCF – NSAI August 2021